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  Extra Good Luck

  I keep a two dollar bill in my wallet that was given to me by my mother when I was six years old. I am not superstitious but the bill goes with me wherever I go.

  My mother gave it to me so that luck would follow me everywhere. She looked at me and said, 'I want you to carry this two dollar bill for extra good luck.'

  'Thanks mom,' I replied. 'I will keep it close to me always.'

  Every morning I would get dressed and my two dollar bill went into my pocket. My mother passed away when I was 17 years old and I remember taking out my two dollar bill. I held it in my hand for the longest time and knew that she would be watching over me the rest of my life.

  Each time I felt I had a crisis on my hands, I would reach for my two dollar bill and set it on the table. I would stare at it for several hours and could always e up with a solution. When I applied for my first job, I was thirty years old and very shy. The thought of being interviewed for a job was scary but I had to work. On my first interview, as I sat in the waiting room, I noticed there were five women ahead of me. All of the women were younger and very well dressed. One of them was impeccable in her blue striped suit with matching purse and shoes. I knew I was up against women better qualified by looking at the length of their resumes.

  Mrs. Martin, the office manager, summoned me into her office.

  'What makes you feel you are qualified for this job?' she asked.

  'I really need this job and there is nothing I cannot do,' I responded.

  She asked me a series of questions and the interview was over. As I exited her office, I turned around and said, 'Mrs. Martin, I know that I am not qualified like your other applicants, but please give me a chance. I learn quickly and can be a very productive member of your team.'

  I thanked her and went home exhausted. Oh well, I thought, tomorrow would be another day.That evening as I was getting ready for bed, I received a phone call from Mrs. Martin.

  'Gina,' she said 'you were not the most qualified applicant, but you have so much confidence in yourself that we decided to give you a chance to prove yourself.'

  I screamed out loud, was jumping all over the room in di *** elief. I could hear Mrs. Martin laughing in the background and suddenly I realized that Mrs. Martin was still on the line.

  'Thank you Mrs. Martin, you will not regret this decision,' I said and hung up the phone.

  I got my wallet and took out my two dollar bill.

  'Thanks mom, I am going to make it,' I said out loud so my mother could hear me.

  At that instant, I remember the time she pulled all of us into the living room and said, 'You are all brilliant in my mind, but if you fail once don't give up. Don't fear failure. It is a way of getting us to try harder. You will succeed, I promise.'

  I still think of mom everyday and still keep my two dollar bill in my wallet. At a family reunion years later, I found out that my brothers and sisters all had a two dollar bill in their wallet. We all laughed and talked about how special this gift from Mom had been to each and everyone of us. It had rerced the confidence Mom had instilled in us.
  Memo From A Child To Parents

  1. Don't spoil me. I know quite well that I ought not to have all I ask for. I'm only testing you.

  2. Don't be afraid to be firm with me. I prefer it, it makes me feel secure.

  3. Don't let me form bad habits. I have to rely on you to detect them in the early stages.

  4. Don't make me feel *** aller than I am. It only makes me behave stupidly "big".

  5. Don't correct me in front of people if you can help it. I'll take much more notice if you talk quietly with me in private.

  6. Don't make me feel that my mistakes are sins. It upsets my sense of values.

  7. Don't protect me from consequences. I need to learn the painful way sometimes.

  8. Don't be too upset when I say "I hate you". Sometimes it isn't you I hate but your power to thwart me.

  9. Don't take too much notice of my *** all ailments. Sometimes they get me the attention I need.

  10. Don't nag. If you do, I shall have to protect myself by appearing deaf.

  11. Don't forget that I cannot explain myself as well as I should like. That is why I am not always accurate.

  12. Don't put me off when I ask questions. If you do, you will find that I stop asking and seek my rmation elsewhere.

  13. Don't be inconsistent. That pletely confuses me and makes me lose faith in you.

  14. Don't tell me my fears are silly. They are terribly real and you can do much to reassure me if you try to understand.

  15. Don't ever suggest that you are perfect or infallible. It gives me too great a shock when I discover that you are neither.

  16. Don't ever think that it is beneath your dignity to apologize to me. An honest apology makes me feel surprisingly warm towards you.

  17. Don't forget I love experimenting. I couldn't get along without it, so please put up with it.

  18. Don't forget how quickly I am growing up. It must be very difficult for you to keep pace with me, but please do try.

  19. Don't forget that I don't thrive without lots of love and understanding, but I don't need to tell you, do I?

  20. Please keep yourself fit and healthy. I need you.


  1. 不要娇惯我。我知道的非常清楚,不是我要什么就该得到什么的。有时我只是在试探你。

  2. 不要害怕在我面前坚持你的立场。我其实更喜欢你这样,因为这使我有安全感。

  3. 不要让我养成坏毛病。只有你才能在把它们消灭在萌芽状态。

  4. 不要让我感觉自己比实际要小,那样只能使我愚蠢地去充“大”个。

  5. 如果有可能,不要当众教训我。如果你在私下悄悄跟我说,我会更加注意的。

  6. 不要让我感觉自己犯的错误就像犯了罪一样,那只能搞乱我的价值观。

  7. 不要阻止我承担后果,有时我需要从教训中学习。

  8. 当我说“我恨你”时,不要生气。有时我恨的不是你,我恨的只是你那令我感到很渺小的权威。

  9. 我得了小病时,不要太在意我。有时生病可以使我得到我所需要的关注。

  10. 不要罗罗嗦嗦的。如果你那样的话,我只能通过装聋作哑来保护自己。

  11. 不要忘记,有时我会词不达意。这也是为什么我有时不能准确地表达自己。

  12. 当我问问题时,不要不耐烦。否则,你会发现我不再问你问题,而是从别的地方寻找答案。

  13. 不要出尔反尔,这样只能是我疑惑,并对你失去信任。

  14. 不要对我说我的恐惧是可笑的。它们是真真实实的,如果你能理解我,你就能更好地安慰我。

  15. 永远不要暗示你是完美的和不会犯错误的。否则当我发现事实与此相反时,我会感到很震惊的。

  16. 永远不要认为向我道歉有损你的尊严。一个诚实的道歉会使我感到温暖并加深我们的感情。

  17. 不要忘了我喜欢尝试。如果我不尝试就寸步难行,所以请你包容。

  18. 不要忘了我长得很快。你肯定觉得与我俱进非常困难,但是还是请你努力去做。

  19. 不要忘了离开了厚爱和理解我不会茁壮成长,但是,这一点我不需要提醒你把?

  20. 请保持身体健康,因为我需要你。
  A letter to My Daughters-Barrack Obama

  Dear Malia and Sashar

  I know the you both had a lot fun in the last two years on the campaign trail, going to piics and parades and stay fairs,eating all sorts of the junk food your mother and I probably shouldn't let you have. but I also know that it hasn't always been easy for you and mom. And that as excited as you both are about that new puppy, it doesn't make up for all the time we had been apart. I know how much I missed you these past two years and today I want to tell you a little more about why I decided to take our family on this journey.

  When i was a young man, i thought life was all about me about how I'd make my way in the world, bee successful and get the thing I want. But then the two of you came into my world with all you curiosity and mischief and those *** iles never fail to filled my heart and light up my day. And suddenly, all my big plan for myself didn't seem so important anymore. I soon find that the greatest joy in my life was the joy I saw in yours. and i realized that my own life wouldn't counts for much unless I was able to ensure that you had every opportunity for happiness and fulfillment in yours. in the end, girls that why I run for president because what Iwant for you and for every child in this nation.I want all of the children to go to school worthy of their potential, school that challenge them, inspired them,and instilled in them a sense of wonder about the world around them, I want them to have a chance to go to college even their parents aren't rich, then i want them to get good jobs, job pay them well and give then benefit like health care, jobs that can spend time with their own kid and retired with dignity.

  I want us to push the boundary of discovery so that you will live to see new techonology and invention that improved our life and make our planet cleaner and safer,and i want us to push our own human boundary reach beyond the devides of race and region,gender and religion that keep us from seeing best in each other. Sometime we have to sent our young man and woman into war and other danger situation to protect our country.but when we do, i want to make sure that it's only for very good reason that we try our best to settled our difference with others peacefully and the we do everything possible to keep our servicemen and women safe.

  .And I want every child to understand that the blessings these brave Americans fight for are not free—that with the great privilege of being a citizen of this nation es great responsibility. That was the lesson your grandmother tried to teach me when I was your age, reading me the opening lines of the Declaration of Independence

  of this nation and telling me about the men and women who marched forequality because they believed those words put to paper two centuries ago should mean something. She helped me understand that America is great not because it is perfect but because it can always be made better—and that the unfinished work of perfecting our union falls to each of us.

  It's a charge we pass on to our children, ing closer with each new generation to what we know America should be. I hope both of you will take up that work, righting the wrongs that you see and working to give others the chances you've had.

  Not just because you have an obligation to give something back to this country that has given our family so much—although you do have that obligation. But because you have an obligation to yourself.

  Because it is only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you will realize your true potential.

  These are the things I want for you—to grow up in a world with no limits on your dreams and no achievements beyond your reach,and to grow to passionate, mitted women who will help build that world.

  And I want every child to have the same chances to learn and dream and grow and thrive that you girls have. That's why I've taken our family on this great adventure.

  I am so proud of both of you. I love you more than you can ever know. And I am grateful every day for your patience, poise, grace,and humor as we prepare to start our new life together in the WhiteHouse.

  Love Dad.




  语文学教学不应局限于英美文学,应研究和评介各英语国家的优秀作家和作品。下面是我带来的英语长篇美文阅读,欢迎阅读!   英语长篇美文阅读篇一   Just two for breakfast 两个人的早餐   When my husband and I celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary at our favorite restaurant, Lenny, the piano player, asked, "How did you do it?"   I knew there was no simple answer, but as the weekend approached, I wondered if one reason might be our ritual of breakfast in bed every Saturday and Sunday.   It all started with the breakfast tray my mother gave us as a wedding gift. It had a glass top and slatted wooden side pockets for the morning paper the kind you used to see in the movies. Mother loved her movies, and although she rarely had breakfast in bed, she held high hopes for her daughter. My adoring bridegroom took the message to heart.   Feeling guilty, I suggested we take turns. Despite grumblings -- "hate crumbs in my bed" ---Sunday morning found my spouse eagerly awaiting his tray. Soon these weekend breakfasts became such a part of our lives that I never even thought about them. I only knew we treasured this separate, blissful time read, relax, forget the things we should remember.   Sifting through the years, I recalled how our weekends changed, but that we still preserved the ritual. We started our family (as new parents, we slept after breakfast more than we read), but we always found our way back to where we started, just two for breakfast, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.   When we had more time, my tray became more festive. First it was fruit slices placed in geometric pattern; then came flowers from our garden .This arranger of mine had developed a flair for decorating, using everything from amaryllis to the buds of a maple tree. My husband said my cooking inspired him. Mother would have approved. Perhaps it was the Saturday when the big strawberry wore a daisy hat that I began to think, how can I top this? One dark winter night I woke with a vision of a snowman on a tray. That Sunday I scooped a handful of snow and in no time had my man made. With a flourish I put a miniature pinecone on his head.   As I delivered the tray, complete with a nicely frozen snowman, I waited for a reaction. There was none but as I headed down the stairs I heard a whoop of laughter and then, "You've won! Yes, sir, you've won the prize!"   英语长篇美文阅读篇二   Put time where love is 舍得为爱付出时间   During my 25 years as a marital therapist, I have seen hundreds of people disappointed over unfulfilling relationships. I have seen passion turn to poison. I have grieved with patients for the love they lost or never found.   "We seemed to love so much, but now it's gone," one woman lamented to me. "Why do I feel so lonely every night even when he is right there beside me? Why can't marriage be more than this?"   It can. I was once invited to the 60th-anniversary celebration of a remarkable couple. I asked the husband, Peter, if he ever felt lonely and wondered where the love between him and Lita had gone. Peter laughed and said, "If you wonder where your love went, you forgot that you are the one who makes it. Love is not out there; it's in here between Lita and me."   I know we can love deeply, tenderly and lastingly. I have seen such love, and I have felt such love myself. Here are the law I have discovered for such lasting and loving relationships---put time where love is.   A fulfilling marriage begins when two people make time together their No.1 priority. If we hope to find love, we must first find time for loving.   Unfortunately, current psychology rests on the model of the independent ego. To make a lasting marriage we have to overcome self-centeredness. We must go beyond what psychologist Abraham Maslow called "self-actualization" to "us-actualization". We have to learn to put time where love is.   Many couples have experienced a tragic moment that taught them to value their time together. One husband related how he sat trapped in his car after a crash. His wife was outside, crying and banging on the window. "I thought I was going to die before we had enough time together." He told me. "Right then I promised to make the time to love my wife. Our time is our own now, and those hours are sacred."   英语长篇美文阅读篇三   I am nature's greatest miracle. 我是自然界最伟大的奇迹   I am nature's greatest miracle.   Although I am of the animal kingdom, animal rewards alone will not satisfy me. Within me burns a flame, which has been passed from generations uncounted and its heat is a constant irritation to my spirit to become better than I am, and I will. I will fan this flame of dissatisfaction and proclaim my uniqueness to the world.   None can duplicate my brush strokes, none can make my chisel marks, none can duplicate my handwriting, none can produce my child, and, in truth, none has the ability to sell exactly as I. Henceforth, I will capitalize on this difference for it is an asset to be promoted to the fullest.   I am nature's greatest miracle.   Vain attempts to imitate others no longer will I make. Instead will I place my uniqueness on display in the market place. I will proclaim it, yea, I will sell it. I will begin now to accent my differences; hide my similarities. So too will I apply this principle to the goods I sell. Salesman and goods, different from all others, and proud of the difference.   I am a unique creature of nature.   I am rare, and there is value in all rarity; therefore, I am valuable. I am the end product of thousands of years of evolution; therefore, I am better equipped in both mind and body than all the emperors and wise men who preceded me.   But my skills, my mind, my heart, and my body will stagnate, rot, and die lest I put them to good use. I have unlimited potential. Only a small portion of my brain do I employ; only a paltry amount of my muscles do I flex. A hundredfold or more can I increase my accomplishments of yesterday and this I will do, beginning today.   Nevermore will I be satisfied with yesterday's accomplishments nor will I indulge, anymore, in self-praise for deeds which in reality are too small to even acknowledge. I can accomplish far more than I have, and I will, for why should the miracle which produced me end with my birth? Why can I not extend that miracle to my deeds of today?   I am nature's greatest miracle.   I am not on this earth by chance. I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand. Henceforth will I apply all my efforts to become the highest mountain of all and I will strain my potential until it cries for mercy.   I will increase my knowledge of mankind, myself, and the goods I sell, thus my sales will multiply. I will practice, and improve, and polish the words I utter to sell my goods, for this is the foundation on which I will build my career and never will I forget that many have attained great wealth and success with only one sales talk, delivered with excellence. Also will I seek constantly to improve my manners and graces, for they are the sugar to which all are attracted.   I am nature's greatest miracle.   I will concentrate my energy on the challenge of the moment and my actions will help me forget all else. The problems of my home will be left in my home. I will think naught of my family when I am in the market place for this will cloud my thoughts. So too will the problems of the market place be left in the market place and I will think naught of my profession when I am in my home for this will dampen my love.   There is no room in the market place for my family, nor is there room in my home for the market. Each I will divorce from the other and thus will I remain wedded to both. Separate must they remain or my career will die. This is a paradox of the ages.   I am nature's greatest miracle.   I have been given eyes to see and a mind to think and now I know a great secret of life for I perceive, at last, that all my problems, discouragements, and heartaches are, in truth, great opportunities in disguise. I will no longer be fooled by the garments they wear for mine eyes are open. I will look beyond the cloth and I will not be deceived.   I am nature's greatest miracle.   No beast, no plant, no wind, no rain, no rock, no lake had the same beginning as I, for I was conceived in love and brought forth with a purpose. In the past I have not considered this fact but it will henceforth shape and guide my life.   I am nature's greatest miracle.   And nature knows not defeat. Eventually, she emerges victorious and so will I, and with each victory the next struggle becomes less difficult.   I will win, and I will become a great salesman, for I am unique.   I am nature's greatest miracle.



Read。 Read是一个英文单词,主要用作为名词、动词、形容词,作名词时翻译为“阅读;读物”,作及物动词时翻译为“阅读;读懂,理解”,作不及物动词时译为“读;读起来”,作形容词时翻译为“有学问的”。阅读用英语读法是read,read 英[ri:d] 美[ri:d]vt.& vi, 阅读,朗读; 显示;研究; 看得懂;vt, 阅读;显示; 读懂,理解;n, 阅读; 读书;读物;(人名) 里德。 <a href="https://zhidao.baidu.com/question/51220327.html" rel="nofollow" class="iknow-ueditor-link" target="_blank"



答案:读书的英语【 read books】


read a book是对的 book用单数时前面要加不定冠词a



◆Do you have a reading today?

1.look (看着)

例如: look,there is a bird龚看,这有一只鸟。


例如:I see a dog 我看见了一只狗


例如:I want to go to watch a movie 我想去看电影。

4. have a look (看一看,看一眼)

例如:Can I have a look? 我能看一眼吗?

5.look at (朝....看着)

例如: look at the blackboard. 看着黑板。
英文阅读翻译 10分
他最喜欢的活动之一是阅读 用英文怎么说?
One of his favorite activity is reading
随意地阅读英文怎么说是optionally read还是reading?

你可以用reading casually

比如:He was sitting under a tree and憨reading a book casually `他在一棵树下随意的翻看一本书


read book.
read novel